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 Jørgen Johansson  - Tuesday, January 17, 1995. 2:30 PM. 42nd Street

A visual narrative in 64 parts. with an essay by Mogens Rukow


"I took a Jerry from the southem tip af Manhattan to the Statue af Liberty, sailing past Ellis Island an the way. This is where the first photograph for this book was taken. A very old Ro1leicord slung around my neck.

New York is a movie set. A set staged with great accuracy. Carefully patinated and dilapidated in all the right places. A profusion af props. Chosen and situated exactly where they ought to be. Where they add to the story. Where they are the story. Three dimensions. A space inhabited by roaming actors in search af a part. A lead role. No minor roles. A cinematic narrative set in a· Zoap where theactors themselves have to fill in the parts. Here there is no beginning, nor end. No manuscript. There is a rhythm. A sequence af scenarios. Each scene is comprised af various takes. Stills, frames from the great film reel, every picture is part af a narrative." Jørgen Johansson


Jørgen Johansson (1960) started as a still photographer, exhibiting his pictures since 1985, but since 1998 he has become one of the most famous cinematographers of Danish movies. In his books he combines both sides of his skills.

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