My Book - Svein Tønsager - Cracks, Hinges & Xfoliations has a large collection of drawings, works, projects and articles by the dynamic and visionary Norwegian architect Svein Tønsager, who died in 2006, 62 years old.


In his work as an architect and his teaching at the Aarhus School of Architecture, he was the driving force behind the creation of a wide international network of architects who constantly explored the possibilities of architecture through exchanges, lectures, debates, dialogues and friendships. This network boasted many international names across generations, architectural schools and professional positions.


At the Aarhus School of Architecture, Svein Tønsager was an important personality, not only in terms of teaching, but also in the school's development and its international presence. The book is a tribute to Svein's tireless work as an architect, teacher and Danish hub in an international network of architectural personalities.


”Svein´s philosophy was instrumental, iterative, speculative, and he constantly acquired new tools to build his gifts. The question was not about a preferred method of analysis, rather about an unending investigation of how saturated with the otherwise un-expressible a work of architecture could be. A true visionary testing the limits of the imaginable, his work expressed an ever more refined architecture of the mind, which only came into being via the hand and a constant flirtation with the material.”   Michael Sorkin


Articles by: Michael Sorkin, Christine Hawley, Andy Bow, Carsten Thau and Kjeld Vindum.