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Strange Days  Tune Andersen

Introduction article by mag. art. Tove Thage:

"Tune Andersen has stuck to the staged photograph of the 1980s, as a part of his vision of the photograph’s potential. His pictures have connecting lines to other great photographic orchestrators such as the Finn Kapa and the Czech Saudek.

His models are involved in actions within the framework of the image, sometimes blindfolded or with a hat pulled down over their eyes – or with shut eyes. Blindness, the absence of the responding gaze, prompts the beholder to think about the image’s abstract meaning and points to the actual essence and function of the picture itself. In other images, a direct gaze looks back out onto the viewer. (...)

The story remains to a certain extent autobiographic: each portrait is also a self-portrait. Tune Andersen picks his models. He secures them. They give him what we see. The photographs redeeming power is the dramatic suspense between, what people are willing to reveal of themselves, and what they in actual fact reveal."


Tune Andersen (1958) is a Danish artist/photographer living and working in Copenhagen.

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