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Public Space is an architectural screenplay. It is a Toolbox for people working with the development of public spaces and cities. The basis of the book is that all our cities are in intensive competition with each other in order to attract citizens, business and investments. In their efforts to become unique all cities end up pursuing the same developmental strategies. The result is that all European cities end up looking the same.

Public Space addresses this tendency by developing a holistic and value-based method for urban development. Based upon an interdisciplinary approach an innovative method that merges scales of the city is developed. By using four interconnected levels - City, Space, Life shaping and Body - the method secures that the physical frames for our daily life are developed in interplay with the lived life. The focus is how urban strategies can contribute to the development of public spaces that are future proof, multiple and inclusive meeting places for various population groups.

The authors re-read theorist's thoughts, analyze known places and withdraw new insights from their texts and physical manifestations. The book constitutes a movement from thoughts over case studies to actions - a journey that results in 5 different development strategies to be pursued by urban planners and developers. The outcome is new operational tools for urban strategies and development of public spaces that result in unique and attractive cities - regardless of size and location.

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