The Power of Circumstance – Architecture and creative Independence

Six Lectures by Per Olaf Fjeld


Per Olaf Fjeld is a Norwegian architect, writer and Professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

The book revolves around a number of simple but profound questions: “Who am I? And from this, What makes me who I am? What creative abilities do I possess that enable me to spark creative energy into achieving long-term or lasting quality of work?” Per Olaf Fjeld considers these questions to be crucial for any young architect. For anyone to find an answer, you would need to examine the depth of architecture and develop a deeper understanding and an awareness of our humanity through architecture. As Fjeld states: “In order to attain this, I think the individual creative act in each of us has to be sharpened, renewed and better understood.” This book sets out to help us do exactly so.


The lectures were held at the Master’s Program Art and Architecture (KKA) at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture (KADK) in 2016 and are now published by the program in order to share the narratives and experiences of Fjeld with a broader audience of readers, just as he shared them with the architecture students.


editors: Anders Abraham & Martin Søberg


Pictures of the house by Per Olaf Fjeld are taken by photographer Christina Capetillo.