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“Exterior” is an explicit counterpart to Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s previous self-contained axonometric structures. In their large and immersive format, as both abstract and figurative compositions, these latest paintings are portraying the reversible quality of rather familiar architectonic spaces. The relative scale, rawness and depth depicted in these simple rooms can be read as carefully selected fragments taken from no particular building, from a pervasive and perhaps idealized laconic architecture. As an incomplete open reality, every picture is framing a discreet, quiet and typical encounter of walls, floors and ceilings; with a precise articulation of corners by means of a few basic architectural elements such as openings, steps, columns and beams. These are intimate and lively atmospheres that evoke an implicit memory of a well known place while conveying those oblique yet personal instants of attention in our everyday life.

The book includes an interview with Pezo von Ellrichshausen on the relation between their architecture and painting by the architect critic Ellis Woodman.