"Engineering with Ole Vanggaard" is a tribute to the works of the Danish engineer Ole Vanggaard, who has been working as an engineer, teacher, consultant, theorist and artist, showing some of his projects and 17 smaller articles by former colleagues and collaborators, telling about projects they have been doing with Ole and displaying the wide range of his career, both at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen and his many consultant jobs for architectural offices and artists. His work also shows how engineers and architects can and should work together.



Ole Vanggaard                                                                                Projects

Frithioff Johansen                                                                            Chaos Temple

Bent Lykke                                                                                      Et bymenneske i naturen

Bjørn Normann Sandaker                                                                 Fred N. Severud – unknown engineer in the Nordic countries,

                                                                                                       renown internationally

Eskild Pontoppidan                                                                         ... det var i 2007

Elizabeth Shotton                                                                            Timber at the Edge

Flemming Frost                                                                               Bærekraft og Brobygger

Morten Lund, Karl-Gunnar Olsson & Chris J.K. Williams                    Vanggaard Avantgarde

Henrik Valeur                                                                                  Structural and spatial relations

Henrik Almegaard                                                                           Dome of Visions 3.0 - geometri, materiale og konstruktion

Svend Jakobsen                                                                               The innermost being of the Force

Petter Bergerud                                                                               The Joy of Construction

Kári Thomsen                                                                                  An Igloo does not need to be Spherical

Michael Sten Johnsen                                                                       Vanggaard firs

Nicolai Richter-Friis                                                                          Den højtflyvende bygherre

Per Dombernowsky                                                                          Konstruktruktionseksperiment/ Nordisk Tekniklærermøde

Finn Bach                                                                                         Dokumentation af arkitekturens konstruktioner

Susanne Ulrik                                                                                   Reinforced Masonry Structures

Ole Vanggaard, Hans Chr. Weidemann &

Peter Madsen Nordestgaard                                                             Falkonergården – Steel structure of innovative Multihall

Ole Vanggaard, Anders Munck & Ola Wedebrunn                             The Origin of Change