White Wall   Ole Christiansen


The stage is Strøget (Main Street) in Copenhagen. At one end the smell of grill bars and at the other end the smell of exclusive perfumes.

In the middle, Gucci is redecorating their store, and to hide the construction from passers-by, a fence has been set up with a large white field. The planners and marketing experts have probably imagined it as a stage curtain that soon will be pulled aside to reveal the luxury of the world to potential customers and dreamers.


But for Ole Christiansen, it has become a backdrop for people's lives and movements. Strøget becomes a scene where random situations from everyday life unravel, as a large part of humanity parades by.

And through his selections on the computer screen at home, the photographer starts to isolate everyday surreal situations and photographically blessed crucial moments are created.


The result has, thanks to Ole Christiansen's eyes and craftsmanship, become a masterful frieze, a flood of people on their way from one place and possibly to another, without purpose, explanation or point.


Texts by photographer Anders Clausen and Ph.D. in Philosophy and History of Ideas Jonas Holst.


Ole Christiansen (1955) is a trained photographer and in parallel with his professional work (primarily record covers and portraits of famous people) he has participated in a large number of exhibitions at home and abroad and has provided images to both the National History Museum (Frederiksborg Castle) and the Royal Library.