THE NORDIC AND SPAIN – an architectural journey

(eds.) Andriette Ahrenkiel, Sara López Arraiza & Nacho Ruiz Allén


The publication describes the influence of Nordic architecture on contemporary Spanish architects, how they are inspired by it and how in general the North and the South of Europe have inspired each other.

This was the theme of an exhibition at the Utzon Center in Denmark.


It shows 23 recent buildings, which testify that the influence of Nordic architecture is still alive in contemporary Spanish architecture.

The projects are by:

José Ignacio Linazasoro

Linazasoro & Sanchez

Nieto Sobejano

Paredes Pedrosa

Luis Martínez Santa-Maria

TEd'A arquitectes

Javier Garcia-Solera

Tabuence & Leache




Carles Oliver (IBAVI).


At the exhibition, three of the Spanish architectural offices built 1:1 installations, the Clearing, the Enclosure and the Cabin, which are accompanied by the architects' sketches in the book.


The book brings interviews with the architects about their experiences from study trips to the Scandinavian countries, accompanied by their own travel photos.


Nacho Ruiz Allén initially talks to Raphael Moneo about his first trip to the North.

Andriette Ahrenkiel writes about her encounter with Nordic inspired architects in the north-west of Spain.

Frans Drewniak writes about Enric Miralles' inspiration from the older Nordic masters.

Nathan Romero Muelas writes about the not-so-Nordic, but more international master Jørn Utzon and his house on Mallorca.