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Lost and Found - 80 photographs by cinematographer Jørgen Johansson


" This twofold term "lost and found" holds a multitude of shared meanings, which effortlessly draw on the patterns of Johansson's kaleidoscopic series and mark it both with, on the one hand, the melancholy of loss, and, on the other, the pain mingled hope of love.

The evidence of a journey is present from the onset, with a mighty jet wing tracing a triangle over the ocean of clouds below, gracing the cover. The same icon concludes the series 80 images on. What we have visited and seen along the way pop up at random between mountains and oceans, between the urban and the rural, between classic and modern and between the erotically inviting and what for lack of better words could be said to be: the doomed"

(from the introduction by Finn Thrane, director of Brandts Museum of Photo Art, Odense (1985-2007).


Jørgen Johansson (1960) started as a still photographer, exhibiting his pictures since 1985, but since 1998 he has become one of the most famous cinematographers of Danish movies. In his books he combines both sides of his skills.

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