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Ø / Island    Jacob Bang, Anne Romme


Islands have become a popular tool for planning in recent years, new landscapes that need to be divided, allocated, and inhabited.

The publication ”Islands” contributes to the ongoing discourse about islands. It presents a concrete, experimental design proposal that critically engages with the idea that the island as a typology can solve future architectural, landscape, and urban issues, while also presenting proposals. This aligns with a long tradition of treating the island as a utopia - a microcosm where settlement patterns and human relationships, both positive and negative, can be concentrated and analyzed.

The authors are interested in finding models for how architecture and urban development can organically evolve and allow for the blending of many voices. To work concretely and realistically with this, they blend traditional design tools with automated, digital processes. Negotiation, co-creation, and conscious destruction are used as methods. The publication presents the preliminary result of a long-term and ongoing collaboration on artistic development work - understood as works accompanied by written reflection.