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Seung H-Sang –  Document


The book is a documentation of the architectural works of the Korean architect Seung H-Sang over the last 25 years. Seung H-Sang is Koreas most famous and well-known architect, who has greatly influenced the architectural development of the country over the last decades and in 2014 became the first city-architect of Seoul. Each of the 36 projects presented in this book, of which 5 are in China, starts with a short introduction by the architect, followed by a black and white photographic documentation of the building, thereby concentrating on what the architect considers to be the main purpose of architecture: creating space. Seung H-Sang is notoriously known for his fierce belief in using traditional Korean spatial concepts, developed over thousands of years of history, and turn them into a contemporary and modern architectural form language.

The book is published in cooperation with the Korean publisher Youlhwadang.