Formation – Architectural Education in a Nordic Perspective is a joint venture of 17 Schools of Architecture in the Nordic and Baltic countries, showing what architectural education is about, how it can be structured, what it contains, how it is planned, and what kind of results it produces or should produce. What does it demand to teach architecture—what does it demand of the students of architecture, and of the teachers? Different architectural topics are presented and educational processes shown, together with works of the students.

Additionally, there are 5 articles/interviews with international architects, such as Juhani Pallasmaa, William J.R. Curtis, Harriet Harriss, Harald Røstvik and Veronika Valk-Siske, who give their view on teaching architecture.



Elise Lorentsen and Kristine Annabell Torp





Peter Bertram

Pedagogy and the Loss of Ability


Joakim Skajaa and Christian Victor Palmer

Representations of Open  Discussing outcomes of the Open Utopias Master’s Course at Bergen Architecture School


Eva Braidwood and Sari Hirvonen-Kantola

Content and Language integrated Learning Approach in Urban Design


Nicolai Bo Andersen

Phenomenological Method  Towards an Approach to architectural Investigation, Description and Design



Odd Rune Stalheim and Ona Flindall

Hurtigpraksis  A Student Response to a distant Profession



Catherine Sunter

Teaching Timber  The Role of architectural Students and Studio Courses within an interdisciplinary Research Project



Barbara Matusiak

Generalist or Specialist?  What is the desirable Scope and Degree of an Architect’s Specialization?



Bjørn Otto Braaten and Leif Martin Hokstad

The Challenging Journey  Transformative Learning in Architectural Education



Marianne Skjulhaug and Joakim Skajaa

Informed and Intuitive  The Interplay between Theory and Practice in teaching Urbanism at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design



Johanna Sofia Gullberg

The Things we made at the Harbor



Dag Petersson, Niels Grønbæk, Natalie Mossin, and Freja Bach Kristensen

Black Box Partnerships  Architectural Innovation and Education in the Age of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals


Peter Hemmersam, Lisbet Harboe and Andrew Morrison

Building the Brief  Developing a Place-specific Urban Practice



Luca Finocchiaro

Sustainability in Architectural Education  Re-harmonizing built and natural Environment



Camilla Hedegaard Møller and Marianne Stang Våland

Forms of Practice  Research-based Education in Studies of Practice



Inger Berling Hyams




Anne Romme and Gitte Juul

The First Encounters  A Peek at the first Semester at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture



Massimo Santanicchia

Systems Thinking and Systems Feeling in Architectural Education  How we teach Architecture at the Iceland University of the Arts IUA: the Case Study of Design Course: Together-Repair



Karin Søndergaard and Kjell Yngve Petersen

Performative Engagement and explorative Settings as experiental Methods in the Design of Spatial Conditions






Juhani Pallasmaa

Learning and Unlearning   The mental Perspective in Architectural Education



Harriet Harriss

Questions on Education  Interview



William J.R. Curtis

The Realm of Architectural Ideas  Interview



Harald N. Røstvik

Ethics in Architectural Education  Educating conscious Citizens



Veronika Valk-Siska

Creative Practice Research  A Model for Architecture and Urban Design