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Mahk - Byoung Cho/BCHO partners

Leif Høgfeldt Hansen & Gilbert Hansen (eds,)


The book is a monograph on the South-Korean architect Byoung Cho, one of the most important architects of his country. His work from the 80’ies until today gives a consistent view of a rare architect who knows how to combine the ancient, millennial old, traditions of Korean architecture with Western inspired architecture, thus showing ways of being modern and traditional at the same time.

Through interviews with and 3 essays by Byoung Cho, he expands his views on Korean materiality and spatial concepts, and especially on the concept of Mahk, the Korean word for imperfection, which constitutes an important role in the aesthetics tradition of Korea.

An article by the famous critic Kenneth Frampton puts the architecture of Byoung Cho in a perspective and shows his importance in contemporary architecture.


Kenneth Frampton - The place of Korean Aesthetics in the Architecture of Byoung Cho

Byoung Cho - Korean Aesthetics and the Identity of Mahk

                    - Architecture of Land

                    - Apple Box Objects, 2020

Leif Høgfeldt Hansen & Gilbert Hansen - Interview with Byoung Cho

                    - Shapes

                    - Landscape

                    - Imperfection Mahk

                    - Materiality

                    - Transformation

Editorial photography by Claus Peder Pedersen