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1432 Copenhagen K



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VAT no. DK89097614

The Architectural publisher B is a cultural foundation, which has the aim "to publish relevant literature and educational material for the architectural profession, and to promote architecture as part of a broader cultural and social context."


We believe in a strong correlation between form and content, so we usually do the layout and design of the books ourselves.

We believe in quality, not quantity, so we only publish a few books a year.


Board members of the foundation are:

Thomas Birket-Smith - architect, urban planner at the municipality of Aalborg

Gilbert Hansen - architect, editor-in-chief of B, layout responsible, Copenhagen

Leif H√łgfeldt Hansen - architect, associate professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture

Peter Mandal Hansen - architect, associate professor at the department of Architecture and Media Technology, University of Aalborg

Regitze Hess - architect, chief operating officer at the International Federation for Housing  and Planning (IFHP), Copenhagen

Ola Wedebrunn - architect, associate professor at the School of Architecture, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen



B is distributed world-wide by:


Amsterdam, The Netherlands