- a study of the impact of building culture on spatial atmospheres


Through nine examples from the Viking Age to today, Anders Gammelgaard Nielsen illuminates in text and images connections between the way we build and the spatial atmospheres that arise. Background is an investigation into spaces that we move in at work, at school and at home – where a clear tendency is seen that the character of the rooms is the same. The suspicion is that contemporary building culture leaves a uniform imprint, and that the rooms therefore achieve the same atmosphere. This poses a real problem because our lives are diverse and require spatial environments that can atmospherically adapt and form the framework for good physical and mental well-being. Without being a debate book, the book points to the consequences of the industrialization of construction, which manifests itself as a narrowing of the atmospheric repertoire in our environment.


Anders Gammelgaard Nielsen is an architect and associate professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture