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A Beaux Arts Education for the 21st Century Gerard Reinmuth (ed.), Anders Gammelgaard Nielsen & Anne Elisabeth Toft (authors)


How does a School of Architecture whose practices are firmly planted in the Beaux Arts tradition respond to the conditions we face at the start of the 21st century?

In 2008 Torben Nielsen, the dean of the Aarhus School of Architecture, selected a group of academics from the school who had varying research interests and pedagogic approaches and tasked them with reviewing the School's education from top to bottom. The group was then asked to consider how the Bachelor degree might be reformed in light of a perceived dis-juncture between education, research and practice at the school and to start implementing these changes in the first year program. The first year education at the school has subsequently been rebuilt over the past three years, culminating in the complete test-drive of the new education in 2009-10. This book is a record of the context within which this occurred, the steps that led to the development of the new curriculum and of the work undertaken in that year.

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